March 16, 2016

“Inside there is an artist you,
there is an artist you don’t know about…..
Say yes, quickly, if you know,
if you’ve know it from the beginning of the universe.”



Often in our heart of hearts, our deep inner SELF, hidden below what comes forward day after day there hides a tiny little creative elf that tickles us and and blows softly in our ear and makes us smile and does silly and interesting thing to get out attention. LISTEN. Wait with gentleness and tenderness and high regard, than grab that moment of inspiration and dance with it! Life is way too short to miss out on the dancing.


  • I am grateful for the quiet times when I listen and then move quietly into a new space
  • I am grateful for guidance I receive when I am told I am loved
  • I am grateful for a mind that wants to grow and learn and stretch
  • I am grateful for my life

Hugs and love to all, Nancy

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