March 15, 2016

I have just finished reading a marvellous little gem of a book entitled, My Name Is Lucy Barton, written by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout.

I recommend it.

The narrator near the end says:

“All of life amazes me.”


Yes!  ALL of life I find amazing……happy, beautiful parts, sad, lonely part, hard parts, easy parts, smooth parts, bumpy parts. How is it we happen to be here and how is it we happen to have this amazing life we have?

Is it really as simply as lessons to be learned? Or giving and receiving love? Or might it be more than anything any of us have thought of yet? Might there be a meaning beyond our grasp……beyond our inner knowing? Many of us spend a life time trying to find meaning. Maybe the meaning is both simply and complex and in the now. In the here. In this very moment. Maybe that is all there is. This very moment.

What a very precious moment, if that is the case.

These are all questions I ask myself.


  • I am grateful for a  mind that asks questions
  • I am grateful for a heart that wants peace
  • I am grateful for a world of wonder
  • I am grateful when I see a smile on the face and in the eyes of someone I pass by when walking Aimee
  • I am grateful for a happy scene I saw as I drove by yesterday: A father and two young boys, maybe his sons. The father started to wiggle around and laugh and moved into a jazzy dance. The boys slowly followed him, began to laugh, got into it big time. All three were wriggling and dancing and waving their arms and laughing……and the bus they were waiting for drove right by them. They stopped dancing, watched the bus go by…… and all 3 burst out laughing again.
  • I am grateful for the simple fun of father and sons.

All my love, dear ones.

Let me know if you want off this list. Feed back is appreciated and not required!!  I don’t want to be a pest. I love being in contact like this with each of you. N

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