Hope, Faith, and Mystery

Clo and I most years went to Quebec City to be with her family over a long Easter holiday weekend. The last few years my daughter Michelle, son-in-law Andrew, and granddaughter Sydney met us there and we all descended upon Clo’s generous brother Richard. There were 2 special events during the weekend: Mr. Couture took us all out for an Easter Brunch and Clo’s niece Laurie and our grand daughter Sydney coloured Easter eggs that Clo and Marie and Michelle and I hid outdoors. Children and dogs played search and find while Aunt, Mothers, and Nancy watched, clapped and cheered. There were prizes for everyone at the end and some prizes amongst the decorated eggs to be found as well. It was a happy blending of the families. An easy blending of languages. A coming together and learning to love and accept each other.

Perfect agenda for an Easter holiday.

I don’t regret no longer making a trip at this time of year. I do cherish the memories.

Memories: precious gems that bring a sparkle into our day in day out life. Is Easter about remembering the preciousness of life?  Is it about in the end Jesus won……did he?

I have a slowly opening Easter lily in my work space. It is exquisite. White. Pure. Simple. A trumpet. Heralding spring. Promising light and warmth. Reminding me of new and beginnings and hope. My out door yard looks shabby after winter’s neglect. My indoor heart feels happy with daffodils and tulips and Easter lily. I feel blessed and light, even as I have been pondering so profoundly the violence of the Easter story.

Hope. I wonder if that is what it is about. Giving us hope. For more. Hope for love to heal. Hope that there are those who love us. Without hope life gets very difficult. Without hope we trudge heavily down the path of today and tomorrow and the memory of yesterday. Rev Wayne Walder at the Neighbourhood Unitarian Universal Church says that hope and faith go together. Makes sense to me. We need faith in order to discover or remember hope. Faith that there is love in a world of mystery, cruelty, surprises, hurt, disappointment, pain, misery, beauty. In it all there is the beauty of the Easter lily. The beauty of the magnificent music. The beauty of those who loved Jesus and tried to take care of him.

At this moment I hold happily in my heart two memories: the memory of Laurie, speaking only French, and Sydney, speaking only English, chattering away to each other as they made a mess on themselves and the table and produced glorious colourful Easter egg masterpieces. And the memory of the purity of the Easter lily. Oh yes, and my ears and my heart are full of astounding music.

I find that is enough for now. Enough memory to full my heart again. I carried angst for many days. Yesterday I emptied it out at meditation at the Buddhist Centre across the street from my house. I have gently and carefully begun to fill that space with beauty…… and a glimmer of an acceptance of Mystery.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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