Remember to Have Compassion for Yourself

Not so very long ago I was talking with a friend who was very sad, grieving for many powerful and tragic changes, overwhelmed, probably scared, somewhat numb, profound bone numbing fatigue…..

We all know that feeling!

My Thoughts for today are:

I suggest for today we think about being grateful for the option of being miserable and not blame or judge that one little bit! Life hits us hard sometimes. Often times it goes on and on. It really may go on for years. Never stopping. Always haunting and dragging us down.  Feelings follow thoughts. Thinking good feelings can help us feel good feelings. But when no good thoughts or feelings seem to be honest or able to be retrieved from the memory bank, I believe it is just perfectly fine to let go of expecting anything at all from ourselves and be in the… of nothing.

Talk with a friend.

Write a letter and tear it up….or send it.



Worry…..and then make a cup of tea and meditate




Take a walk

Buy a green ivy or a flowering plant

Get an adult colouring book


Sit and stare

No one can tell us what to do when it just feels too hard to bare.

Do not judge or blame yourself.

Have compassion for precious, blessed you!

I am grateful when I give myself the freedom to feel and be just exactly what is my truth in the moment.

I am grateful I am learning about compassion for self and believe we all always deserve more compassion than we are given by self or others.

I am grateful when someone in pain takes the risk to share their open heart wounds with me.

Hugs and love to all, Nancy

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