February 8, 2016

Dear ones,

“Listen. Make a way for yourself inside yourself. Stop looking in the other way of looking.”

– Rumi


Listening to and trusting my inside self, my intuition, has been a journey of many years. My inside self is very wise. As is yours. When intuitively you want to rest…..rest. When intuitively you want to share your heart……share. When intuitively you want to give a gift of care or food or time to someone you know or to a stranger, or to an enemy…..do it. It matters for you and for them and for our restless world.


I am grateful for the welcome I received at the Neighbourhood Unitarian Universal church yesterday

I am grateful for the sharing and learning I received from the lovely jazz and gospel singer telling her story of being black in Toronto

I am grateful for today and I hope to make headway in getting my office files in order

I am grateful for spiritual and professional growth I believe and hope I am right in the middle of as I see myself with more interests and more energy…..hopefully

I am grateful for all of you as we together attempt to create a circle of health, hope and love.

Hugs, Nancy

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