February 4, 2016

Dear all,


Feelings follow thought.

If we change what we are thinking we can begin to change what we feel. If we think about sunshine on our back, we will begin to remember and feel the warmth. If we think about blizzards and storms, we will begin to feel dark and dreary. It really is all in our thinking. Hugs and love, N


I am grateful for the sunshine on my back as I sat with 2 friends over lunch today

I am grateful my energy has returned and I can do things again I wasn’t able to do for a while

I am grateful for the people in my life who listen to me and trust me and support me.

I am grateful that I often days have time to rest during the day with Aimee on my belly and music in my head going right straight to my heart

I am grateful for the focus this email provides for me each day and the feeling that I am connecting to like minded souls and spirits and hearts.


Be sure to let me know if you want taken off this list. I am totally fine with including you or taking you off. Whatever suits you best.

I am happy to hear from you and fine if you prefer not to respond. Hugs and love and good heath and enjoy this sunshine today. Nancy

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