February 25, 2016

Dear ones,

I let Julia Cameron’s precious little jewel of a book Heart Steps open where it wanted to this morning and was immediately given the following quote:

“Trust that the universe is working For you and With you.” 

– Sanya Roman, author of quote

I do not know who that is, but something guided me to this perfect and simple quote with wisdom this morning. It feels right for this particular affirmation to come now when I have been talking about sadness for awhile.


When I can breathe, go deep inside myself, quiet my head talk, give up expectations and admonitions, and listen softly, my little voice whispers that all is well and I am truly headed where I really do want to go. I encourage you to try this. And to have faith that your little quiet whisper inside voice is filled with abundant wisdom.


  • I am grateful for a life of constant learning and discovery
  • I am grateful for friends
  • I am grateful for the progress I am making in business and in life
  • I am grateful for health and energy
  • I will be grateful when again soon I have another terrific night’s sleep like I did when I was at Craig’s house

Best wishes to all. Pat my new web designer, says he is 75% near done. I will be so very excited to share my new focus and my new web with you and very open to hear from you what you think. I will let you know when it is up. I expect it to be interactive: Blog and Missal from Nancy. Hopefully will be fun.

Hugs, love, have a good day. Nancy

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