February 24, 2016


Sadness hovers and clings to our skin, to our very soul, to our bones and muscles.  We can become frozen with sadness and fear. We carry sadness like a precious gem: awed by it’s presence and aware of it’s mysterious power. The ever present gift of knowing profound unbearable sadness is that it often stops us in our tracts and forces us to rest.

Sometimes sadness becomes a cold or the flu. We ache, sneeze, tears run down our face, our eyes are red and swollen, we are totally entirely, all over our body miserable and want to go far away from the world of responsibilities and become invisible.

Unbearable sadness is a time to allow ourselves to sink into the abyss and stay until we decide to let the sun peak through, slowly and gradually, cautious, on little baby kitten paws, mewling from time to time until we almost have to hold back a giggle and then a laugh seeps out through the sides of our despair.

When sadness can smile, we know we are brave little soldiers and we will survive.


I am grateful I know well my brave little soldier self

I am grateful I have friends who will support me through the unbearable

I am grateful for a snow and ice day of almost solitude today

I am grateful I have Aimee who never fails to make me smile and always listens to my chatter

Have a good day. Love and hugs, Nancy


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