February 23, 2016

Dear friends,


Some days the sadness inside is nearly unbearable.

Life is about contrast. If we didn’t know the unbearable, we would not be able to fully embrace the joyful. Unbearable sadness is not a trick to manipulate us into recognizing joy. Unbearable sadness is a gift to help us remember feelings like love, peace, pleasure, security, hope…..Unbearable sadness is one of the many paths toward what we ultimately long to have; understanding, regard, belonging, being wanted and accepted, being listened to, a bottom line faith that there is meaning in life for all of us.

Unbearable sadness is profound sorrow for the loss of innocence.


I am grateful to be home from a lovely visit with my son and new daughter-in-law

I am grateful for the future possibility of travels to visit with them

I am grateful for the time to grieve his moving and the loss of his comfort being relatively speaking near by

I am grateful to be me.

Hugs and love to all, Nancy

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