February 11, 2016

“The more we learn to operate in the world based on trust in our intuition, the stronger our channel will be, and the more…….we will have.”

– Shakti Gawain

Shakti is teaching about how to have more money in that above quote. I have left that last blank: more……we will have, because I think much more and other can be put in there. The more we trust our intuition the more content we will be, the more secure we will feel, the more joy we can find, the more hope we will trust….on and on.

I think, following our compassion for self focus, easily comes trusting our intuition. Inside we all have a very wise voice. And when that voice says rest, I think we are wisely telling ourselves our body and soul need a break; when that voice says people contact, a hug, food, meditate, exercise, cry, run away….I am hurt, whatever it says, it is important to listen.  That voice, as I see it, is the god within. And that is our guide, our candle in the window, our hope for a life of peace and love. Listen

If the voice says naming a gratitude does not work for me today, I think that it is important to listen.

If there is a gratitude that wants to be heard, listen. If not, excellent. Time to not push.

I am grateful for new wisdoms I am feeling as I age

I am grateful for a new computer that is coming into my life

I am grateful for health

I am grateful for sun in the sky this morning and very warm clothes against the brutally cold weather

I am grateful for all of you and that this message will land in your heart this morning.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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