The Valley of the Lilies

This morning I think I visited the Valley of The Lilies which also might be called Bliss.

For about an hour between sleep and waking, I drifted: through a sacred space where peace, quiet, stillness, ease, hope, love, absolute bliss reside. I think that might be where we go when we leave where we are now. I had a distant consciousness of self, a soft awareness of being, a peacefulness with no worries or pressures. It didn’t feel like I could stay there forever. It didn’t feel endless. While in that place there was no awareness of other than just there. It felt like being held in love.

I think the fast dash to beginning a day is over rated. Necessary in many cases. But the antithesis of what life is meant to be. I think it could be a choice to live in peace. A choice to accept harmony, balance and even seek bliss. I think bliss and love blend into each other and become one and I believe I experienced that this morning. I have been moving in recognizing that place for sometime now.

As a child I knew the joy of those quiet moments, or maybe an hour, before tearing myself out of the warmth and cocooning of a world of dreams and into a world that could sometimes feel harsh. The harshness scrapped against my skin and I felt raw and exposed. I wondered why the grown ups didn’t appear to know about that time that seemed to make it easier to begin a day. Or maybe, actually being in the time of bliss and peace may have made it more difficult to pull away from the warm blankets and face whatever was waiting beyond my bed.

Little children surround themselves with stuffed animals, soldiers, favorite toys and precious silky soft blankets or fabric. Sometimes it is a world of pretend that protects them. This is their bridge from Over There to Right Here. It smoothes the wrenching of leaving a world they have come from and gives them comfort and protection in a new world they are getting to know and trying to understand. A favorite blanket to hold and caress is a reminder of the moments of comfort and safety gently felt between sleeping and waking, which may also be a memory from a past gradually forgotten because adults don’t understand that world anymore. Thus adults cannot validate the reality of having received comfort from a place of bliss and love and warmth and security.  We expect our children to give up that precious sacred place of dream world bliss so as to fit in with the world adults have created for them.

I don’t know how one holds onto the memory and finds time to have the experience of the sleeping/ waking place I am talking about, and still can accomplish not only what is expected, but also what is essential to survival in the incredibly busy world in which we live.  I do believe not having that world as an option from time to time, so as to be able to rest, release, gather information and comfort, find meaning and hope, leads to illness, depression, dis-ease, discomfort, out bursts of temper. I do not think our softer more vulnerable self can thrive at the pace expected of us today without time for retreat and refreshment. We pay a big price for what we are calling success.
Even when life feels overwhelming and nearly not doable, maybe especially when that is true, it is important to listen to our heart. Our heart and our mind make up who we are. Our heart and our mind are our spirit, our guide, our teacher, our essence. For me my heart and my mind are what I think God is. I MUST listen. When I don’t, I get into trouble. When I am in trouble, if I take more time to listen, I can begin to get a grip on life again.

Follow your heart and your mind, your intuition, your God, whatever your language might be. YOU KNOW how to get yourself out of any mess you might find yourself in. YOU. You really do. You are so very very smart. And precious. You might not call it The Valley of The Lilies, but I suspect you have a sacred place where you can go to find yourself and feel better again. Give yourself permission to go there more often. It can literally save your life.

Come talk all this over with me if you would like to do that. I welcome you.

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