Small, Precious, Important Steps Contributing to A Healthier World

Lovely snowy winter January day! I love looking out my office window at my back yard. Snowy paw prints where Aimee has travelled about looking for the all be it cold, nevertheless perfect spot for her morning business. Bless you Aimee. Only the goddess knows if or when I will put on all the cold weather clothes I can find and take you out and about. I am reluctant! I also see out the window into my back yard the orderliness that winter brings following fall clean-up, and a quietness waiting patiently for spring when life will bloom and blossom again. Colour will return. I like the bleak winter scene. And I will welcome green and buds, and the hope and change when March and April arrive.

Blessings on my dear neighbour Peter who has shovelled my steps and side walk. He lets me know how not alone I am. My neighbour takes good care, puts down garbage, recycle, or compost for me and keeps me cleanly shovelled. Never do I have to request. All it takes is a bottle of wine from time to time to say thank you. Best of all worlds!

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