It Might Be: The Valley of Down Under

I think the overall name of the past few children’s stories for adults is The Valley of Down Under: featuring Hanks, Bradshaw, Tall Boy, Curly, Pan, mom, dad and Snort. Not sure…..feels right for now at least.

Right now there are no more stories from The Valley of Down Under as Hanks appears to be resting.

So I will have to talk about something else: Like letting love in and giving love out. As I think of that, the image I get is of letting light in and giving light out. I think that is what Hanks is all about. She is learning to receive love and to be able to give it. Pan and Bradshaw and dad are teaching her how to give love to Snort and mom. Hanks is a very fortunate little girl. Not all of us have a cadre of helpers when it comes to learning about love. Most of us are left to our own resources in the Department of Understanding Love.

The Department of Understanding Love is an important department. I see a large sun filled room with lots of flowering plants, comfortable chairs arranged in twos and threes, a warm fire place with Aimee sitting in front of it soaking up all the warmth she can get, the sound of bubbling water falling over stones, and music quietly filling the room. It is peaceful, safe, inviting, open, fresh, enveloping. There are plenty of tissues around because it is totally fine to cry. There are pillows to hug until it feels right to give or receive a person hug. Wind chimes dangle in front of an open window and humming birds feed right outside that same window. There is a meadow of wildflowers as far as the eye can see. The Department of Understanding Love is waiting to be filled with people looking: for themselves, for love, for peace, joy and harmony. All of which is waiting for them to simply welcome.

All you have to do in DUL (The Department of Understanding Love) is receive light and give light back. Magic. Easy. Simple.

Many of us have a tendency to make giving and receiving love way too complicated. Folks get scared, back off, hide, run away, act mean, lash out, anything to not have to hurt when what they are making up is that the love will eventually be withdrawn. So much gets missed when you do that. Those moments when love is being offered can not be retrieved from the past. Only the NOW can hold the light. Light will turn to dusk and then dark and then dawn and then light again. We forget to remember.

We create it all in our mind. True!! We create love, we create fear, we create pain. Are you strong enough to create only the good and the positive and the light? Am I? It is easy to see and feel dark and fear, because we know that uncertainty from infancy. It is way beyond time that we forget what we had to face when we were born into this world, and remember and see the beauty this world has to offer. Love doesn’t come from everyone. But when we create love in our own mind, it is way more likely we will see it in others. If I create fear or anger or helplessness in my mind, I am drawn to it when it passes me by on the street. I go to it on the phone, I text it. I see it. I hear it everywhere. It is difficult to shake off the fear or whatever and move into a new place. But if I shift my mind and create a new space, up pops more just like what I was thinking.

My mind can teach me to feel safe. That is what Hanks is doing: teaching herself to feel safe. She has the resources and so do we all. Consciously, intentionally, mindfully, turn away from fear and turn into love. What we all long for is to be loved. And when we feel the power and the relief of loving it is a blessing. When I say it is simple, I really mean it. That is not to say that painful things are not real to us. They are very real to us. Our mind has taught us to find hard things, painful things, scary things, real. Equally, our mind can teach us to find love real.

That does not take away, at all, the need to talk about what might be called negative. What has happened that hurt us needs to be made visible and understood. Then let it go, as the song says. Let it go, step aside, and turn into an embrace of lightness.

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