Very Rainy Autumn Day

I love looking out my front window at all the magnificent colours that behold me. My eyes are longing for colour. I leave the stained glass light on my bed side table on into the morning and early in the evening because I like looking into that room and seeing the coloured light. I turn on my dragon fly stained glass floor lamp in my living room early these days so I can look and smile at the bright red, blue, green, and yellows.

Outside the front door Clo and I planted one Service Berry tree on each side of the house as you go up the steps to the front porch. Those trees are differently interesting each season of the year. Now the branches are still hanging on to small red leaves that are in the foreground as I look out. Behind the red across the street is still some green, plenty of yellow and orange and more red. When the sky is blue and clear, or has puffy little white clouds, it is just a magical view of colour, of the hope of the goddess, of the beauty our world has just for the looking.

Today is a blessed day of rain and great for feeling cozy and home bound. By mid-Nov. home bound won’t sound so romantic. Today it feels great.

I have renewed my Gratitude Club and welcome anyone who wants to join. I write gratitude’s every day and sometimes someone writes some back to me. I find it a wondrous way to begin a day. Especially if I prefer to not begin the day and stay snuggled against Aimee under my wonderful comforter with my multi coloured glass table lamp turned on. Knowing I can make contact through sharing what I am grateful for even when life is mundane or difficult, stressful or boring, helps me want to get each day started. A new beginning every time, another chance to hopefully get something right, to feel good, to share something special or important, to have connection and to grow and feel life fully.

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