Life Is Good…..And I Get to Share It with You!

Jewels. Gems Colours. It is spectacular looking out my office window into my back yard and the back yards of many neighbours. I see shades of yellow, orange, shifting shades of green, bright red Japanese maple in my own yard. Glorious. Autumn is about slowing down, beginning to hibernate, thinking of depth and intimacy and change. It is also about brilliance and spectacular and aliveness and joy.

I was thinking a few minutes ago about how content I am. I remember a few years ago asking my friend Dawn in Michigan how she was feeling and she said ‘Content.’ I said, ‘Lady I don’t even think my head knows what that means, much less my heart and soul.’ Today I know what it means and what it feels like.

It feels peaceful, comfortable, satisfied. I feel satisfied with me and with the life I have worked hard and diligently to create for myself. Surrounding myself with the colours of precious jewels as I move through my day makes me smile and thank the gods, thank myself, thank the universe, all that is, Buddha, whoever, whatever. I am blessed.

Aimee is well. My inner house is in order. My surrounding self is colourful, growing, alive and waiting. Waiting for winter, waiting for what lovely gift there is for me, waiting for surprises that I can embrace and rejoice in receiving. I am filled with gratitude and I am compassionate with myself for the journey it has taken for me to get here. I am not complete. I am not perfect. But I am satisfied today.

Think seriously. Deeply. Consciously. What needs to happen, what do YOU need to do to be satisfied, completely, for today. The past is gone; tomorrow isn’t here yet. Just today is all you have to think about. Be in the moment and check yourself out. How can you make this moment, and this moment, and this moment just a little bit better? Maybe you have to stop for 5 minutes and listen to some music. Maybe you have to take 15 minutes and go outside for a walk. Maybe phone or text a friend, maybe make a plan for the weekend, maybe simply make a decision that you are going to chose happiness and close the door on sadness or grief, or distress or the challenges, just for now.

Conscious, intentional and mindful. Those words mean a lot and go a long way. I can slide into despair, or I can choose to put a smile on my face, begin to do something new or different, make a happy plan, see a happy friend. There is ALWAYS another way to do whatever. Another way may well be a step toward bringing more joy, peace, hope, happiness, and even contentment into just a few moments of your life. And then those moments will begin to grow. The gloomy moments grow when we stay focused on them Certainly the happy moments or contented moments can also grow when they are given attention and nurtured for a while.

Try for a minimum of 10 minutes every day to do something new that gives you pleasure. Be intentional about it and do not forgive yourself if you forget. Forgetting is not an option. Ten minutes is such a little bit of time that can easily grow into 12 and then 15 and before you know it you will be able to tell that something significant has shifted and you like whatever that something different might be named. But truly believe that starting with 10 minutes is enough to begin a process. And you do not have to increase until your entire soul longs for you to do so.

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