Choose Positive….Walk Away from Negative

I am choosing to give myself luxury and pampering. I deserve it after all these years of being careful and spending wisely.

I LOVE IT!  I love my life. I love the decisions I have made, and people I am paying attention to. I love that I have worked for the last long while at healing and loving my inner world and my Self. I love that I am consciously looking at ways to expand and rejoice in my outer world. Including the world outside that surrounds my home, but equally including the world outside that is available for me to move into, accept, receive and give.

Currently a friend and I are in the planning process of starting a new business together. It will actually be her business and she will rent space from me. I have a lovely open, sunny space in my basement that has everything you might want for an overnight visit, weekly stay, or a place to live for a month or so. There is a refrigerator, a Jacuzzi, a real bed and a futon, nice desk and lovely round wooden table for eating. Comfortable chair for reading and a TV. I might get a microwave and I will get a hair dryer, coffee pot and new towels. WOW!! What more could you want for an inexpensive place to stay in Toronto while visiting, studying, going to business meetings or conferences? Arlene will run the business- cleaning the bathroom and changing the sheets. I will rent the space and greet the guests when they arrive, offering them fresh fruit and sparkling water.

Win-win. Arlene makes a bit of money as do I with the rent, and I have more energy and movement around my quiet home. Especially during the dreary winter shut in months. I am loving it! Arlene is excited. I think we will make good business partners. We have been friends for rather a while now.

Yesterday, amidst creative business planning a friend suggested we spend a day at her spa and pamper ourselves with pedicures, manicures, lunch and friendly chat in a warm, welcoming setting that is simply there and welcomes us. We followed that with some serious shopping and lots of lovely sharing and exploring ideas. Exactly what the doctor ordered for my longing to have more joy and delight and surprise and very dear people in my life. I am blessed.

There are benefits to ageing. Honestly! When shopping for clothes I look in the mirror and see wrinkles. Oh, dear, sadness, regret, disappointment. Then I remember, I am healthy. I love my life. I am with my friend visiting places I have not visited before. And I can afford to buy the wonderful warm winter coat because I need it, it looks good on me, and I want it. I also have learned over the years to be careful with spending, from time to time I slip, but mostly I do well. And I did spectacularly well with this lovely coat. Exactly what I have been asking for: more energy, friendship, aliveness in my life. It is all opening up, just as winter reminds us of it’s inevitable return. For me winter tends to mean isolation. I am building memories of friendship, luxury, happiness to help smooth my way through winter months.

I share all of this in the hope that I can give examples and suggestions, not to say a positive push in the right direction, to any of my readers out there who are feeling down in the dumps as the light begins to fade and the cold winds threaten to descend upon us. You can, I can and am doing more, create change, introduce what you long for and want for yourself. You can put out to the universe your intention or your expectation or even your desires and wishes. If you stay focused and grounded and mindful of being positive, seeing the good and hopeful, transcending the difficult and challenging, you too can manifest the life you want.

I assure you there can be light at the end of the tunnel if you really want there to be and there can be hope and change if you are determined to make that happen. Be mindful, intentional and conscious. Walk away from negativity every chance you get. Welcome positive, caring, hopeful moments, people and opportunities. Negativity builds upon itself, as does positive thinking build upon itself. Choose what you REALLY want and insist with yourself that that is all you will accept.

Hugs and love, I am off to a day of Live at The Opera. I do not know this opera, do not have high hopes I will like or understand it, but I will try and I will absorb the marvellous music and costumes with pleasure. The story most likely will be absurd. So be it. It is all part of my plan to bring beauty into my world day after day after day.

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