I Am Grateful

It is a very hot day. Aimee and I walked in the cemetery and a gentle stroll brought sweat to my face and arms. Aimee played friskily with the ball when I threw it for a short while then even gave up running around the grounds and followed slowly behind me as we walked through the park.

It is lovely here at my house however. A soft breeze flows through the house as I have front and back doors open. The back garden looks lovely and the front as fine as possible given we need rain desperately. I live on sand and the poor plants are thirsty. I give them water from the watering can but it is never enough. There is a ceiling fan in each of my rooms and with all of them whirling gently and the breeze through the house I don’t need the air conditioning on. I feel blessed. The last few weeks have been transition time. A significant dream seemed to be the start of a period of deep inner peace and renewed faith in life.

I meet my spirit guide for about the third or fourth time in that dream and was invited home to the family for dinner and sleep. I believe I was being nourished. Today when driving to the cemetery with Aimee I had the briefest of moments when I was washed over with the purist feelings of love, comfort and safety. It gives me great hope for the new that is opening up as fall arrives.

I don’t know what the new is. I doubt it is very concrete. I think my spiritual journey deepens and I am turning my face and my heart toward learning and growing that will bring me peace and joy. Each day I really can see several blessings that I have been missing: the lovely people at the cemetery also walking their dogs who want to talk and share. They are new friends coming into my world with gifts, ideas, plans. There is a class on line that I am taking with Deepak Chopra, and my very lovely home that has been redecorated and redesigned and is all mine. I see people smiling like I have not seen in a long time. Friends reach out in a deeper more moving and intimate way. My life in Michigan and my life in Toronto become more clear and more dear and more doable.

I believe the secret to finding inner peace is time. Time, mindfulness, and introspection. I find I need a balance of ME, SELF, and OTHERS. ME is Nancy, SELF is my higher self or inner self and OTHERS is a rich and satisfying outer world which includes writing. I have not been writing for awhile. I am ready to begin again. Work on my book has been at a stand still. My bruised and weakened psyche has rested and is ready to plunge into the depth of my soul and prepare to share myself in a way I hope helps others find hope and solace. I can only hope to help others find the peace that I have found today walking with Aimee.

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