Oh My, Delicious Sleep

I have been sleep challenged since my father’s death many years ago. Add a heart that didn’t function very well and a partner with stage 4 cancer and peaceful sleep became out of reach. But I manage rather well with naps, early to bed sometimes, sometimes a bit of a sleep in, and just trucking along. I know those of you who parent young children know exactly what I mean. I also suspect everyone who carries a big work load or is filled with angst, expectations, concerns, worries, uncertainties…..you, know, most everyone! also understands what not sleeping well is like. We’ve all been there at some point.

WELL, I am here in this moment to share the beauties of a lovely night’s sleep. I do not know what to attribute the loveliness of last night to, quite possible I have settled some deep thinking and worrying I have been doing, but I am NOT going to question it or try to delve to deeply into analyzing what happened. I just know I had lovely dreams none of which I remember, I didn’t wake up all night long, I went deep, and I woke refreshed and ready to accomplish things today that have felt impossible to face for ages.

There is nothing brilliant or even probably very helpful in what I am wanting to pass on to you this morning. I want you to know that I deeply understand sleep deprivation and the huge toll it takes on your life and mine. I also understand how much joy I can find in a life where I feel rested.

For me, writing is so often the answer. If I can write out my feelings. Write and throw it away. Write and send an email or do a blog. Write and get my heart on paper in front of me where I can see it, read it, let go of it. IT being the angst, fear, sadness, overwhelming feelings. Letting it go and finding sleep, at long last.

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