Painting Pictures with Some Words

A long while ago I wrote about being grumpy and gave grumpy the name Donald. I had fun playing with grumpy.

I got to thinking that I would like to describe some of the pictures I see in my mind when I use certain words. Especially the ones I tend to use frequently. There was a book I long ago liked a lot entitled The Book of Qualities. In it the author took words and personified them. I have some pictures of my own that I would like to share.
Today I was thinking about Bliss. Not a word that tends to come up in conversation very often. But I do use it a fair bit. What does bliss look like I wonder. What do words like love, or hurt, or disappointment or lots of other words look like?

Right now I can see Bliss: She is tall and slender and willowy. She has fair hair that floats around her head and down her shoulders. She has soft flawless skin and she hums most all of the time. Her whole being glows with a soft blue light. She is barefoot and her long gown is white with a wide blueberry ribbon at her waist. She dances when she moves through a field of wildflowers with hummingbirds leading her and butterflies following her.

Joy is about 4 years old and has a head full of tight red curls and her body is covered with a myriad of freckles. She has a simile full of innocence and her whole body wiggles with pleasure. She can’t sit still. She races about the forest playing hide and seek with the rabbits and squirrels and baby fawns. She never stops moving and she never tires. She likes to hold your hand. Sometimes she leads you and sometimes she lets you go first.

Determination is about 12 years old. She is a brown belt with 2 strips in karate and will soon be taking her black belt test. She is strong and sure of herself. You absolutely want her on your side if there is going to be a battle. She is smart and creative and can get herself in and out of difficult situations with ease. She looks a great deal like my granddaughter Sydney Kathryn.

Divine is androgynous and a musical composition of everything. S(he) is solid and ethereal, robust and delicate with skin the colour of the rainbow. Divine howls and whispers, chuckles and roars, sobs and tenderly loves. Divine is a giant and a fairy, throws thunderbolts through the sky and scatters peach blossoms over the earth. Divine is to be adored and never feared, hugged and set free, and always always trusted.

Grumpy is a boy of indeterminate age who slouches and reluctantly moves slowly and rather bend over, always dragging his feet. He says naughty words and picks his nose and doesn’t pay attention to grown-ups. He is difficult to befriend but you can’t help but notice him and often want to cajole him out of his stupor. Secretly he wants a hug but tells you not and though you don’t believe him you still don’t give him a hug, because you wonder if he deserves it.

It’s fun to make up what words look like. Try it with someone you love. It might help you better understand each other.

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