More Pictures, More Words

You might, at first glance, judge Debonair as arrogant or self-important. Not so at all. He takes your breath away. He makes you smile and feel alive inside. He dresses in deep gray silk custom made hemp suits with starched shirts and his Italian hand crafted cuff links are subtle and exquisite. He easily gets the best symphony seats and has personal relationships with very important people. He knows how to make you feel special and he is very smart. He totally knows what he is doing. And loves every moment of it and so do you.

Sacred is precious and dear beyond comprehension. Sacred is a blend of all colours and all fragrances and all sounds. Sacred sparkles like crystal and is billions of years old like lava. Sacred is patient and holds us tenderly when we are frightened or bereft. Sacred expects to be taken seriously and deserves to be treated with awe. Sacred has no equals. Sacred is always Sacred.

Mysteries is a myriad of little beings buzzing around in multi coloured dress. Faeries, elves, druids, trolls, black panthers, white owls, blue black ravens, and howling wolves all help make Mysteries who she is. She is ancient, has long white hair and a sly smile that sometimes scares and sometimes amuses. She moves quickly, is full of surprises, and almost always wants to please. She makes you think and you don’t always know when to trust her.

Balance is ageless twins who learned how to have a picnic lunch and drink their juice while sitting on a teeter totter when they were 3 years old. They are good for each other: one throws the football and the other catches it, one cooks the meal and the other cleans up, one makes the money and the other spends it, one pilots the plane the other teaches scuba diving, Balance is black and white, big and small, tough and soft, cold and hot, up and down, yes and no. Balance tries to live with us but we don’t always want that.

Transcendence has soft blue gray angel wings that soar over fields and mountains and seas and deserts, archipelagos, mesas, and fiords, then gently swoops down to land in your heart and breathe peace and hope into your soul. Transcendence is very quiet and fills the air all around. Transcendence is a healer but it is not always easy to find your way to where Transcendence lives. When you find Transcendence you find yourself feeling bigger than life and you know you can do anything you put your mind to doing.

Harmony is a quartet, always complimenting one another. They move about freely, always arm in arm, never out of step. Harmony fits snugly in the palm of your hand and sometimes finds a place on your shoulders that helps you relax. Harmony is like a massage and always causes you to feel safe. Harmony is the age of your mother on a good day and feels like your mom and dad when they were in love.

Magic is a parent with five arms and three eyes, two in front and one in back.  Magic is a gypsy who talks fast and has an Irish lilt in her voice. She can sing your fears away and heal your broken heart and always gives you hope that the sun will shine tomorrow. She can dance away a storm. She is playful and makes you laugh. She is smart and gives you much to think about.  Magic can fool you and you can’t catch her even when you try very hard. She will always be faster and smarter than you are and she never stops making you laugh.

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