We have all had life defining moments when nothing will ever be the same. Often times for many people and for the people we love. Sometimes for the people for whom we are responsible.

My daughter Lisa’s life-long best friend’s 17 year old daughter was in an automobile accident Tues. morning. She has severe brain damage and cracks in spine in 3 places. She did well for a day or so and is not doing well now. I am flying to Michigan to be with my family as they grieve the loss of their “sister” whom they love very much. And I will hold and give whatever possible comfort I might be able to give to Taylor’s family. Taylor is the 17 year old.

Apparently, she swerved her vehicle to save an animal. She was alone in the jeep she was driving on her way to school in the morning. Witnesses tell best story they are able to tell.

I pray that I can hold the container of love this precious family needs as they make the decision to let go of their beloved daughter. Please pray with me that those who love her and do not want to lose her can find peace and hope as their life changes forever

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