Catch, Cherish, And Release, by Elizabeth White

“A life has a life of its own, absorbed in itself,
Coming alive whole into the world, leaving it alone
and whole. We sit in the clock of the world and fish. And the hours surround us as the

shadow moves. Days, weeks, years gone and
are absorbed in our fishing.

And miracles of miracles, the wholeness is the
Answer to another’s fishing, a gift to another’s emptiness.
I am different because of my catching you for a spell.
Cherishing your flashing scales, coming up against
Your twists and turns.

Feeling your running with the line and my pulling
you close for a bit.

And, finally, you release back to the welcoming
rocks far below the lake’s surface.

And I am different. I see you on your dock in
my heart and in my life.

I feel laughter, joy, angst, and in the end release.
No, not the end. The end is on the sundial I
carry to surround my own fishing self.

When you came, I caught you.

Life is about fishing. Catch, cherish and release.

Written by my dear friend Liz White in Aug. 2014, about the death of her son David in the mid 1990’s