Living with Uncertainty

That is the operational word: Living! What a rush the past 5 weeks have been and what a relief it is to be in today. Yesterday we learned that Clo is responding remarkably well to treatment. Her prognosis has gone from 6 weeks to 3 months as we were originally told, to 10 years or more! A giant leap, I would say!!

We attribute this remarkable response to 3 things: 1) exquisite medical care, 2) Clo’s ability to remain positive, 3) the prayers of many, 4) the out pouring of love through emails, texts, and Facebook, 5) and visiting of family and friends. Clo feels certain the learning for her in this process is to trust that she is loved. When her twin brother Claude died at the age of 4 of leukemia, she always believed her mother and father had wised she had died and her brother had been the one to live. The gift is two-fold: great quantities of love have been poured out to her, and she is quickly learning to open her heart to receiving all of that love.

Clo is amazingly vulnerable as she valiantly pushes herself to stay positive and to heal. Her gift to herself is to allow all the love that is being washed over her to soak into her skin and make the journey to her heart and the core of her being. She has felt unloved in her past. She is clearly rejoicing in the abundance of love available to her today. It is beautiful to witness her recognizing and soaking up what is being offered her each day.

I feel like I want to wax eloquent about the healing power of love. Dr. Sue Johnson’s book Hold Me Tight, says it very well in the first 30 pages. The lesson is simple: We cannot thrive without touch, love, belonging, feeling secure and safe. For some years now it has been clear that babies do not thrive when they of deprived of touch and love. We are just remembering the same is true for every adult.

If your relationship is floundering, if you or your partner are physically or emotionally ill or stressed, if someone you know is depressed or barely surviving, consider the possibility they are not feeling fully loved and securely connected. I urge you to risk reaching out. You literally could save a life. Love comforts and heals and gives us hope.

Let yourself be loved. Feel it and know it. Trust what you are told. If you were not properly loved as a child, there still is time to heal from those wounds. Risk being vulnerable and allow for differences. You can NOT survive much less thrive, without love. Let me guide you when it feels like too much for the two of you to navigate. The waters can get roiled and a third person holding the love and the hope can help you move gently to a place of joy and even bliss. Together we can help you and your partner find bliss in each other’s arms. When you have a sense of being held in faith you can let go of fear and allow ease to creep quietly into your heart.

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