Do you often have premonitions? Do you ever wonder if you are prophetic? Do you KNOW but simply don’t know? Remember I said I thought I would come back from France a different person? Remember the 5 most difficult issues for a relationship to deal with? Well…

Less than a week after we returned from an emotionally and physically demanding but also spiritually and soul soothing 2 week trip to France, I had to take Clo to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with metastasized cancer of the liver and bone, the primary source probably being her breast. It certainly felt like our worst possibly nightmare. I believe my falling apart in France, the day dreams and night dreams I was having before we left, the sense of doom that hovered over me and in my heart, were all trying to help prepare me. I missed the signals. I have done that before. I have NO idea what to have done differently if I had suspected something was amiss. I wouldn’t have known where to have looked.

We are being incredibly well cared for by family and friends. We will hear the final diagnosis soon and next steps will then follow.

This has not stressed our relationship but rather has tightened it. Clo and I know how to be a team, how to work together, how to take care of each other. We are blessed. And I hope whenever such huge stress happens to you, you too will know how to come closer together and care for each other. When times get rough, take a moment to ask yourself what it would be like without this person in your life? Be curious for just a moment about what that space now being filled by your partner would feel like if it were to be empty. What might it be like if he or she were really to no longer be in your life? Remember that your life can completely change in a moment. Take good care of what you have. Nurture each other. The most precious commodity you have is time. And our time on this earth and our time with each other is way too short. Please don’t squander any of it ever.

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