Make Memories Together

We are going to France and we leave this Friday! I so do not know how to pack my suitcase. Will it be hot? Will it be cold? I will cover both possibilities. I have always loved leaving home for a new adventure. Years ago, when I visited my parents in Arizona or later when they moved to California, we would take day long trips to the mountains or the desert or the ocean. I loved it! It was always very peaceful, and felt renewing.

I am dreaming of going to France and being in the country: castles, runes, gardens, hills, mountains, sea. I dream of time for sitting in the sun and sipping wine and eating baguette and cheese. I suspect I will come back a different person in some small or possibly great way. I generally do learn and grow and mature and change when I travel. It is just such a great opportunity to do all of that. This trip is about healing and celebrating. Clo and I are celebrating 20 years together. We have done a good job! And we are pleased with ourselves.

My son and his wife visited this past week and I have again a deep awareness of the power of family. It was a joy to spend 5 days with them and I think they liked it as well. It was my oldest son and of course, I have been in his life the longest of anybody (his father is no longer alive) and he has been in my life almost, not quite, the longest. History matters. To share your own history with someone else who lived during those years and saw the same things but from their perspective can offer us the greatest of opportunity to learn many new things about oneself.

Be intentional and mindful with your children and your partner. Absolutely EVERYTHING remains with them somewhere, possibly not totally in our conscious self. But somewhere in our body, soul, spirit, very cells, lives everything we say and do. Forgiving is difficult. Doing it right the first time whenever possible is wise.

Think before you speak. Consider before you do something. Stay conscious. Life gets complex and we get distracted and those we love best pay the price. Always lead with love. My oldest daughter has taught me to always lead with the child in mind and to be a team with your partner. Our own needs can far too often get in the way and then we may well grow to regret that in the future.

Stay mindful. Remember to intentionally appreciate each other and be audible with your gratitude. Your partner and your children are the greatest love of your life. Nurture that love. And celebrate the history you share. That is what Clo and I hope to do on this trip as we grow and learn together and make new memories to be shared when we are old and sitting on the front porch in our white wicker rocking chairs reminiscing. I think one of the most beautiful parts of being in a long term relationship is having memories to chuckle about or cry about when we are of an age that we are no longer making memories but instead chewing on them and swallowing them with gusto and delight.

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