Every Event Lives Somewhere Inside Us

Caroline Myss has written a helpful, readable, excellent book that makes sense and is empowering. It’s called Anatomy of The Spirit. One of the many things I like about the book is that she is clear about the mind AND the spiritual connection to our body. She talks about every single event, happening, memory, thought, or experience, they all live in the cells of our body.

Amazing! I have tended to believe it is the bigger, or more significant, or somehow more extraordinary happenings that affect us. I have always understood that these happenings build up and it is not ever one single event that has affected us. But I never realized that it is every single event. ALL that has been said, done, left undone, noticed, understood, or not understood; everything lives in us and impacts us. As we get older, the impact often becomes physical. Especially if our tendency is to focus our thoughts and feelings on the negative and not quite so much on what is positive about our life.

Physics has proven that everything connects. Everything is vibrating energy. We really are one with all that is. I believe this. I intuit this. Science supports the truth that we are all one; and again, that affects our emotional and physical health. The amazing hugeness of this being real hovers above me as I think of 3 solid years or more of highly significant challenges with my heart. Absolutely that was about every single thing that has ever happened in my life and largely about the negative spin I may have put on many of those events. Beyond my own body and spirit however, what is equally true, I believe, is that what happens to our bodies is also a reflection of what is happening to our world. The very heart, the very core, of our world is changing and is in pain and is protesting.

My heart and my spirit were protesting. I was out of rhythm. I beat too hard and too fast. I felt sorrow, pain, fear…lots of fear. Our world is filled with fear. Babies are afraid that they aren’t safe, while parents are afraid that they can’t feed their children and keep them secure. Mothers are afraid for their family’s well-being. Fathers are afraid they are failing. Our hearts are aching and our spirits are trembling. Caroline Myss says we need to feel secure and we need to find the positive and live less in the negative, and our bodies will respond in turn

I agree. At my brother’s cottage on Hamlin Lake near Ludington, Michigan, last week, we watched the most magnificent sunsets each evening. We shared our meals in love and gratitude. I walked Sporty, their 11 year old Jack Russell with joy and pleasure. My sister-in-law is very, very sick with cancer. She joined us each day and celebrated life with us, getting a chuckle out of my sailor brother’s sea sickness the day before we came. My brother is one of the most positive people I have ever known. His minute by minute devotion, commitment, and love for his wife brings peace, healing and security to all of us. Blessed be.

Caroline Myss and my brother Bud: Two peas in a pod and never would they meet nor would my brother agree with her spiritual focus. However, he is a living example that staying positive helps keep us alive and can turn adversity into something beautiful and achievable. For Bud the secret is love. His relationship with his wife is a living symbol for the meaning of love. He has a great deal to teach us all. Even Caroline Myss could learn from him!

Bud’s wife Edie had cancer and complications from cancer for 10 years. Amazingly, he only sent out updates at times of progress. His focus was always on what was good and hopeful and he refused to accept that Edie’s cancer path would get as bad as it eventually did get. He took care of her needs himself. They both valued privacy very much and he always honoured that with her by meeting her personal needs himself and not exposing her to strangers. Edie never doubted for a moment Bud’s devotion to her or his commitment to caring for her.

By the same token, even in her distress, Edie was the primary contractor for totally remodelling a cottage on Bud’s childhood lake so he would have a home to live in when she was no longer with him physically. She valiantly went sailing in his 30 foot sail boat when she was too fragile to stand up on her own and needed someone on each side of her to help her on and off the boat. The love and devotion Bud and Edie gave each other as Edie prepared to die and Bud attempted to live can give us all something to admire and take a lesson from for our own relationship. Even is extreme difficulty, they both held steady and gave to each other. Bud did not willing let go of Edie. But he did do it with grace and style. Edie was an elegant woman and she would not have wanted it to be any other way.

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