Learning Gratitude Helps Heal the Planet

To genuinely acknowledge gratitude is a deeper and more profound experience than to simply say “thank you”. Specifically focusing on what you are grateful for each day is healing and grounding. It creates a loving connection between your inside self and your outside self.   It warms me up to start the day and offers me a coming full circle at end of day. Clo hits the floor running the minute her eyes open in the morning. It totally amazes me. I pull the comforter over my head and burrow deeper into the warmth trying to retrieve the dream world again. Sometimes I can get Aimee, the cutest puppy on the planet, to snuggle with me a while longer as I tell myself I can’t get up yet because my puppy needs more sleep. When I am finally able to get my brain to tell my arms and legs to push back blankets, move Aimee aside and put my bare feet on the cold floor, I begin to chant in my brain: I am grateful for the smell of hot coffee bubbling down stairs. I am grateful the heat will soon warm my bedroom. I am grateful I have wonderful clients to see today…… all the way to brushing my teeth. By then I have pretty much started my day.

I try to reflect on 6 or more things that I am grateful for before I am even dressed to start the day. That way I get off to a positive beginning. My gratitude deepens when I speak out loud or write it down. I have come to anticipate the welcome and warm feeling I get inside when I totally open my heart to giving and receiving a simple gratitude. When I finally make it down stairs I have a list and Clo is ready to receive some of them. “I am grateful you have lovely coffee already prepared for us for the day. I am grateful you helped me with the computer last night so I was able to sleep with ease. I am grateful you have volunteered to get groceries today.” (I hate grocery shopping.) My entire day is focused in those few opening moments. It connects Clo and me for a good beginning as well. And then, joy of joys, she has several to offer me. I LOVE hearing that I have done or said some things that made her happy and she wants to tell them to me.

It is helpful to have a gratitude partner, though you can absolutely do it just for yourself. Together the two of you can create a full and healing gratitude circle by giving to and receiving from each other. You get to hug the good feelings close to your heart for hours. It keeps you smiling all day. Maybe you prefer to share and give your gift of love and gratitude at end of day. You can clear away the smog that has gathered in your heart and soul from your demanding day and prepare yourself for a lovely deep sleep if you decide to share your gratitude’s before sleeping. You can both go to sleep smiling and trusting that tomorrow will produce more options for which you can be happily grateful. When you smile, someone always smiles back. At night it is the sleep angels.

Email is a wonderful thing: you don’t have to buy a stamp, find an envelope and then wait several days to be received and more days to receive back. Sometimes it is only minutes with these wondrous little silent but clever electronic friends of ours. So start right now. If you do not have a partner send several appreciations or gratitude’s, emailed to someone you know will welcome them, and ask for some back as well. Don’t limit yourself if you live alone. The world is full of people who want connection. A lovely way to connect at start of day or end of day, is to share what you are grateful for and ask to hear some for yourself. It helps to spread greatly needed energy throughout our very pained world.

You will be doing yourself and the planet a favour, to say nothing of the benefits your friend will receive. We are all on a journey of healing ourselves. For that to happen, we have to help each other heal. Healing includes feeling safe. We all feel safer when we feel seen. Positive regard helps us feel seen. Every time you tell someone you are grateful or appreciate something they have said or done, you are helping them to heal. You are healing the planet, one relationship at a time.

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