Trust Your Intuition

It’s been a gorgeous summer so far. Two years of focusing on my body and what is working or not working quite right has left me with an exquisite awareness of the world outside my body. Now that I am so very well and healthy, I seem to be more easily able to love whatever nature has to offer.

This morning there was a powerful thunder storm. The rain came down like a thick curtain. It quickly cleared up and Aimee and I had a grand and glorious walk at our favourite park: a cemetery near-by. Two memorial services were happening while we took our walk. I felt soft, sacred, sweet, caring and loving as we walked through the mourners. Peace mingled with sadness hung in the air. Aimee was so good. She just walked by and left them alone. Sometimes she feels it is her job to sooth and comfort and love the people who have gathered together to grieve and let go of their loved ones. Not today. I guess she felt everyone was doing their job just fine and she wasn’t needed.

We all have to gauge when to offer comfort, when to walk away, and when to patiently wait. What I know is that I have to trust my intuition about where my place is when people are grieving or struggling or in pain. I could learn to follow Aimee’s lead. She wisely knows when comfort is needed and when it is best she just stay out of the way.

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