I Trust I Am On the Right and Perfect Path for Me Right Now

I may talk way too much about health. That being said, I am sort of into health these days. My significant heart challenges over these last 2 years and Clo’s illness both collude to ensure that health is a dominant topic for me. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and have every reason to totally trust that I soon will be fully healed. I feel good today. A teeny bit slow, but mostly ready to focus on what I love (my work) and stay in the trust and knowledge that my health is terrific and my body will not fail me.

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Thinking Comes First, Feelings Follow

You get what you think.

Interesting, isn’t it? True and scary. Every time, over the years, that I have tried to get out of doing something by saying, “I’m sick,” strangely enough, I have gotten sick. What’s that about? When I find myself thinking I have an especially full week and I wonder how I am going to make it through, I begin to get cancellations. I have friends who leave the house imagining a parking space right where they want it and there it is waiting for them!

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