The Magic of Choosing to Live

I love winter. I especially love it when somebody else does the major part of the snow shovelling. I like the soft, fluffy snow that I can sweep. I like the part of being housebound for a day or two and making and eating soup, reading and having a good Scotch at 4 pm. Cozy, comforting, calming and healing.

Since my drama in the cardiac unit just about 4 months ago, healing has been a big focus for me. I look at couples and realize their wounds go very, very deep indeed. Imago teaches that we are wounded in childhood. What if it goes further back than that? What if we come into this world carrying the pain of forever in our very cells? How do we access that knowledge? How do we heal these wounds? What can we do to help ourselves and each other heal so going forward will be glorious?

I recently experienced self-hypnosis. I would call it a very deep and very long visualization. A CD with the ocean sounds playing quietly in the background, Helen’s very soothing voice guiding me. I was lying on a warm comfortable table with a blanket covering me. Helen was drumming just a little, with one drum sound just above my head going oh, so very deep into my soul and into my gut. She ended the experience suggesting I find a box and look to see what was inside.

I felt some unseen essence hand me a blue, square box with a bow on it. Inside I found my own ancient piece of black lava that I lost many years ago and had totally forgotten about. It is a hand gripper, with 4 finger holds on one side. It is volcanic rock, as ancient as time. Gripping this rock snuggly in my right hand I felt time melt over me. I felt myself to be timeless and formless. I felt my body disappear and my mind and soul soar through space. It happened rapidly and soundlessly. It felt like I was returning to whence I had begun. I had a chance to start over again. I could leave behind old ideas and beliefs and make new choices.

That is when I first realized that I knew how to heal myself. I knew love, peace, harmony, time, patience, faith would all work together to help me be whole again. I remembered what I had known a long time again. I remembered what I have known since time began.

For me healing self-hypnosis translates into meditation.  I have learned the healing value of quiet and calm. Silence and clearing my mind help me find peace. When I am able to find peace in my mind I am able to grasp a moment in which I can turn away from my fears and remember the love and kindness in the world. My heart heals as I find my loving self and I feel the love of others.

Be intentional about insisting you focus on positive thoughts and remember those who love you. Winter is a time of going deep into your heart and soul. It is a time of forgetting old hurts and a time to remember new ways to love and feel loved. When a heart has been broken, it takes patience and gentleness to heal. Running away does not work at all. The time when you believe yourself to not be doing anything is exactly the time when you are doing everything. Snow bound in the winter is totally perfect. The universe provided us with an opportunity we best grasp and hold with a very tight grip. Like I gripped my 4 finger hold volcanic rock. Heart, soul, mind, body healing cannot be seen. It is like trying to watch grass grow. Best you put away expectations and remain patient, have faith, and hold onto hope.

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