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    Hanks felt like there was a hurricane in her head.  It roared and whirled and pounded and thundered. Rain came out of her eyes and splashed in her ears and it tickled but she didn’t have time to scratch because she might fall into pieces if she stopped paying attention to the storm.  She lifted … more
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    For whatever reason I saw fit to pull at least 4 very old to me books off my book shelf this morning.......more
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Almost Daily Missal from Nancy

  • October 20, 2016


    “Silence could be said to be the ultimate province of trust; it is the place where we trust ourselves to be alone, where we trust others to understand the things we do not say, where we trust a higher harmony to assert itself.”
    author unknown


    This Daily Missal is dedicated to Deb who is facing that awful, profound, unknown silence as she bravely goes into surgery today, uncertain how much cancer has invaded her body and will be taking over the next while of her life.

    There is a still velvety place inside all of us where we can let go of the self as we know it and become one with the mystery, the darkness and silence, the comfort of drifting aimlessly in the love of spirit and the divine. It is a place of healing, renewing, refreshing, recreating. It is a place of no blame or expectations; a place of total hope and peace and grace.

    My hope for all of us as we face anything that frightens us is that we can find that place inside if only briefly. Sometimes it comes in prayer, sometimes meditation, sometime in dreams, often times for me in that precious space between sleeping and waking in the morning: an uncertain amount of consciousness, a total giving over of self and mind, a time of total trust in the higher harmony as the unknown author above writes.

    A long time ago, in the midst of great chaos in my life, a dear friend of mine spoke of finding contentment. How I longed to know what that felt like. I have learned the glory of contentment, and I pray Deb, and anyone else who is fearfully face a huge shift in life as they have known it to be, will soon be able to ride on the gentle breeze of contentment and know the bliss of ease and peace.


    • I am grateful Deb is in my life
    • I am grateful for any and all messages of love and hope that others are willing to send out into the universe for her
    • I am grateful for my desire to write.
    • I am grateful for any of my words that have meaning for anyone who reads them
    • I am grateful for Aimee’s devotion

    Prayers always for all who need love, hope, and relief from fear.



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  • "Silence could be said to be the ultimate province of trust; it is the place where we trust ourselves to be alone, where we trust others to understand the things we do not say, where we trust a higher harmony to assert itself." author unknown.........Click here to comment
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Nancy Ross and Joan Sinclair both use Imago tools, information, teachings, and experience in their work with couples and families.

Joan is a Mediator as well as an Imago Relationship Therapist. She works on the West Side of Toronto: Boor and Jane subway.

Nancy Consults with couples and families and is located in the Beaches

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